Xiamen Jin Yuan is a mine development, product processing, import and export trade and domestic trade integration enterprises specializing in all kinds of stone, stone and diamond tools, Fujian province is the largest and one of the fastest growing international trading company with annual sales, more than 2000 employees, with English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, etc. professional business staff and more than 30 professional quality inspection personnel, nearly three years the average annual turnover of $about thirty million. I have two large stone factory and a diamond tools factory has G635, G654, G603, G682, G657, G623, G655, G562, G687, G696, and many mines throughout the more than 100 stone processing manufacturers, operating varieties are mainly Shanxi black, Mongolia black, Fengzhen black, Chinese black, travertine Guizhou Chinese, slate, marble, limestone, China beige, green, green, blue, ice butterfly Xili red, Sha Yan, composite board, marble, artificial marble, quartz stone and imported granite and marble, the main products are large, the project board, specifications board, table board, Siamese basin, washbasin, furniture, fireplace,, mosaic, mosaic, columns, railings, lines, road edge stone, square, stone, tombstone, feng shui ball, chairs, lanterns, flower beds, fountains and various carving stone products and gold Diamond grinding, slicing, drill, metal grinding, grinding, polishing, diamond resin molding roller of diamond tools. We are located in the Xiamen special economic zone. The transportation of sea, land and air is very convenient. For a long time, our company has always adhered to the principle of "quality first, customer first", providing customers with quality products, preferential prices, punctual delivery and other kinds of quality services. Sincerely welcome all the customers from home and abroad to visit our company, and sincerely hope that the two of us will cooperate with each other for mutual benefit and create brilliance.

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